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Global Cryptoasset Regulatory Landscape Study

Global Cryptoasset Regulatory Landscape Study
17 de novembro de 2020 zweiarts

Apolline Blandin, Ann Sofie Cloots, Hatim Hussain, Michel Rauchs, Rasheed Saleuddin, Jason Grant Allen, Bryan Zhang, Katherine Cloud

This inaugural study examining the global cryptoasset regulatory landscape goes a long way towards fulfilling the core mission of the Cambridge Centre for Alterative Finance: informing the operationalisation of technology-enabled financial innovation. Harvesting the potential benefits of innovation in financial services is highly contingent on the regulatory environment in a given jurisdiction, and few innovations in finance have emerged in recent years as controversial and presenting as many challenges to regulators and policymakers as cryptoassets.

Disclaimer: Data for this report have been gathered from a substantial number of sources, including in-person interviews and desktop research for a large number of jurisdictions. While every reasonable efforts has been made to verify the source and accuracy of the data collected, the research team cannot exclude potential errors and omissions. This report should not be considered to provide legal or investment advice. Opinions expressed in this report reflect those of the authors and not necessarily those of their respective institutions.