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7 Challenges

  • Fernando Yamaguchi

    - by zweiarts

    Excellent, good content and dynamic to consolidate the concepts.

  • Giorgio Cavalieri

    - by zweiarts

    Excelente. Muito esclarecedor, com boa dinâmica. Parabéns pela organização!

  • Andréia Santos

    - by zweiarts

    Muito bom! O conteúdo foi apresentado de forma bem didática e as discussões foram muito interessantes! Parabéns!

  • Milton Suzuki

    - by zweiarts

    I liked very much the way bitcoin and blockchain were explored with examples of applicability in several areas. The dynamic…

  • Davi Garms

    - by zweiarts

    Excellent workshop with really qualified instructors, with good content and clarity in the presentation of the concepts.

  • Ismar Marquardt

    - by zweiarts

    I thank you all for the incredible knowledge that I acquired. Instructors more than qualified, I learned with all of…

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