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  • Joel Kos

    - by zweiarts

    Profissional com 25 anos de experiência como executivo de empresas, bancos, private equity e venture capital. Foco em gestão, inovação…

  • Fernando Lobo

    - by Thiago Padovan

    Started a career in an innovation office for the public sector where he worked with processes, in purchasing, and services…

  • Alex Braz

    - by Thiago Padovan

    Has been working with software delivery for 15 years in the most diverse programming languages ​​and technologies. With experience in…

  • Solange Gueiros

    - by Thiago Padovan

    Specialist in Blockchain (architecture and development), with focus on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Has been working with systems, projects and data…

  • Fernando Bresslau

    - by zweiarts

    Fernando Bresslau

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