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Have you ever heard about Blockchain?

Are you and your company prepared for the changes
and oportunities brought by these technologies?

Blockchain and the challenge of your business – in company


The challenges of regulating the use of crypto-coins and blockchain-type platforms
- by admin

Regulating activities involving crypto-coins and blockchain-type platforms is one of the greatest challenges permeating this theme.

Real blockchain projects or just excuses to do an ICO?
- by admin

Everybody is talking about ICOs. Of course, they are coming hard and fast and raising a ton of money in very little time.

A draft study of economical players in a cryptocurrency environment –Another mind map
- by admin

BEFORE Satoshi´s piece of art there were several other versions of this experiment.

Blockchain is an over simplification term. The real thing is a multi-complexities architecture and we´re looking for a new term
- by admin

Bitcoin Satoshi´s original paper never used the term “Blockchain”. Still, we call all the storm that hit the market …