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Have you ever heard about Blockchain?

Are you and your company prepared for the changes
and oportunities brought by these technologies?


Visions of Ether
- by Zwei Arts

Crypto-communities seek for newish narratives or adapt current ones as an exercise of collective strengthening.

5 crypto-native indicators to enrich your market cycle analysis
- by Zwei Arts

Bubbles only burst once. Bitcoin has “bursted” (and recovered) a handful of times already. For long-term believers, accumulating bitcoin is a game of timing.

Ripio Rolls Out Crypto-Powered Loans Across Latin America
- by Zwei Arts

Here’s something you don’t see every day: an ICO that has actually led to a shipped, working financial product.

The Truth about Smart Contracts
- by Zwei Arts

Much like the words “blockchain”, “AI” and “cloud”, “smart contract” is one of those phrases that get a lot of hype.

Blockchain and the challenge of your business – in company